National level Common Programs for the Coordination of Catholic Laity Activities: CBCI Laity Council

Bangalore: Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Council for Laity will organise national level common programs for the coordination of Catholic laity activities and lay organisations across the nation to Strengthen the active laity participation in the Catholic Church.

In the renewal of the Church in a synodal way, the role of laity is very vital. Laity organisations should work hand in hand with the church activities. Hence common platforms and programmes would be organised with a view to enhancing the solidarity of the laity through unified and revitalised activities,said Chevalier Adv V C Sebastian, Secretary, CBCI Laity Council.

Sebastian also pointed to the Formation of a national level Laity Consultation Team consisting of top-rated lay leaders who have won remarkable recognition in various domains and are still rendering selfless services to the Church and the Society. Laity conferences will be organised in the 14 regional councils.

The Laity Council reminded that in the current socio-political scenario, Christian organisations should work together with greater unity and integrity.

Bishop Mar George Madathikandathil, Chairman, CBCI Laity Council, presided. Bishop Joshua Mar Ignathios, Bishop Rt. Rev. Eugine Joseph, both members of the Council, and Chev. Adv. V C Sebastian Secretary, spoke.

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