Union Coop to Limit Single-use Plastic Shopping Bags

Dubai, UAE: In line with the directives of the Executive Council of Dubai to implement initiatives aimed at preserving environmental sustainability and changing the behavior of excessive plastic use, Union Coop has announced limiting single-use plastic bags from July.

“Consumers do not have to worry about anything as Union Coop will offer them several options instead of single-use plastic bags, including cloth bags that can be used multiple times. The best part is that these are washable and recyclable,” said Mr. MOHAMMED BERREGAD ALFALASI, Admin Affairs Director, Union Coop.

He further indicated that the initiative to reduce the use of single-use bags would be implemented in all Union Coop stores in Dubai at the beginning of July this year as a first stage, which is based on the directives of the Executive Council of Dubai. Union Coop as usual decided to be one of the first agencies and sales outlets implementing this initiative, in order to preserve the environment and start instilling the concept of reducing the use of plastic bags among members of society and showing their impact and damage to the environment, creating awareness among consumers of the dangers of using plastic bags, supporting the individual and societal initiative and bearing social responsibility towards the environment, introducing consumers to alternative solutions to the bags currently used, and changing consumer behavior regarding the use and collection of plastic bags.

He pointed out that the cooperative has developed a comprehensive strategy for the stages of implementing the initiative, starting with consumer awareness and even providing them with an alternative way to use plastic bags and place their purchases in them, pointing out that the cooperative will be keen during the first period of implementing the initiative to receive feedback and take notes from consumers to develop and reach consumer happiness goals.

Moreover, he indicated that the whole world is currently required to be sustainable and apply all its resources to enhance and change the behavior of individuals, especially consumers, in order to preserve natural resources, reduce the ecological footprint and reduce the negative effects resulting from wrong practices.

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