KS Sabarinathan granted bail

Thiruvananthapuram: Former MLA and Youth Congress state vice-president KS Sabarinathan has been granted bail in the case of Youth Congress activists protesting against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on a plane. The court granted bail with the conditions of producing the mobile phone, appearing before the investigating officer in the next three days and posting a bond of Rs 5,000. The prosecutor informed the Thiruvananthapuram Principal Sessions Court that Sabarinathan, who appeared for questioning before Shankhumukham ACP in the morning, was arrested in connection with the conspiracy.

The prosecutor informed that the arrest was made after Sabrinathan’s anticipatory bail application was heard in the morning after the court decided not to arrest him. A case has been registered under the sections of conspiracy, attempt to murder, gang gathering etc.

The police asked the Thiruvananthapuram Principal Sessions Court to release Sabrinathan in custody. The prosecution argued that Sabrinathan was the mastermind of the conspiracy and that the phone used by WhatsApp should be taken into custody. The prosecution alleged that Sabarinathan called the first accused on the phone after sending the WhatsApp message.

Find out if someone has been messaged. The prosecution argued in the court that the four accused had committed a criminal conspiracy. But Sabarinathan informed that the phone can be produced in court or before the investigating officer at any time. The defense contended that Sabarinathan was a representative of the people and therefore there was no possibility of him absconding or destroying evidence.

Sabarinathan’s lawyer pointed out in the court that out of the three accused in the case, two got bail and one got anticipatory bail. He also asked to consider this matter.

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