September: Dubai retailer announces ‘Four’ promotional campaigns with discounts up to 65%

‘September’ is full of discount festivals dedicated to a wide range of products

Dubai, UAE: Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness & Marketing Dept. at Union Coop, confirmed that the Cooperative is constantly seeking to launch promotional campaigns in all its branches and commercial centers across Dubai throughout the year, according to a marketing plan that delights consumers and meets their needs, noting that the Cooperative has allocated 4 promotional campaigns for September that include discounts of up to 65% on thousands of basic food, non-food and consumer goods, in addition to electronics, as a part of its keenness to provide competitive prices and provide many purchasing options for all basic commodities and the most consumed items by the public at discounted prices.

He pointed out that each promotional campaign will be announced during September through various means such as ‘WhatsApp & Telegram’ service, social media accounts, website, text messages, UC Online Store/Smart App and other means of advertising, as all campaigns include varied discounts on hundreds of food and non-food products. , to benefit everyone and in the interest of the consumer, noting that the reductions in these campaigns will include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, sweets, spices, rice, oil and other products.

He pointed out that ‘September’ is full of discount festivals dedicated to a wide range of products, as several days will be devoted to discounting Asian products, others to cleaning and washing materials, and discounts dedicated to European foods and products, in addition to kitchen utensils and household items.

And he indicated that the Cooperative offers ordering options for all its offers, including this September campaigns, through the smart online store as part of its policy to delight consumers, as the e-store contains unique services and features that improve the shoppers’ experience, pointing out that the Cooperative provides express delivery and pick-up services from its branches, wholesale purchases and offers, and other features that facilitate the online shopping process.

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