“Revving up Kerala’s Electric Auto Market: KAL gets a new lease of life with Arenq’s game-changing partnership”

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL), a state-owned company, is set to embark on a new chapter of growth with the aid of Pune-based battery company, Arenq, which signed an MoU with KAL in January. As part of the collaboration, Arenq will supply KAL with batteries, motors, and motor controllers necessary for electric auto manufacturing. The two companies will also collaborate on developing new designs and vehicles, with Arenq responsible for servicing the electric vehicles manufactured by KAL. Arenq has also taken on the distribution of KAL vehicles across India, with plans to establish service centers across major cities in the country through a partnership with Lucas TVS.

According to the CEO of Arenq, VG Anil, 200 electric autos are currently under production and are set to be distributed across India. The electric vehicles will be equipped with long-life lithium batteries, while the motor and controllers will be sourced from Chennai-based Lucas TVS. Arenq has also entered into a three-year contract with the supplier. The company will provide remote monitoring systems and roadside assistance with a three-year service warranty for all vehicles.

“Our team can monitor the status of each vehicle through the remote monitoring system, including the battery capacity, how long it will run on the current charge, the vehicle’s location, and any other complaints. We are collaborating with a start-up company called Ready Assist to provide better roadside assistance to vehicle buyers. Their service is available in 90 percent of areas in India, particularly in Kerala. As a result, we have started efforts to sell as many autos as possible in Kerala. We are also ready to provide service to KAL vehicles released before our association and are discussing that matter with KAL,” said Arenq Business Head Manoj Sundaram.

Arenq, which initially specialized in the production of UPS and solar batteries, has since expanded its business throughout India, now supplying motors and controllers with capacities of 1 to 15 kilowatts for electric bikes, autos, and pickup vans, as part of an agreement with Lucas TVS. Initially, the partnership aims to sell fifty thousand units a year. The company’s long-term vision is to bring about significant change in the electric vehicle market in the coming years through data collection and analysis from battery management systems in collaboration with leading technology company RDL Technologies.

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