CISSA’s Collaboration with International Fashion Star Shines Spotlight on Balaramapuram Handloom Globally: Dr. Sanjana Jon Immersed in the Initiative

Renowned fashion designer, filmmaker, social actobistùi⁸ I and motivational speaker Dr. Sanjana Jon, hailing from Malayalee origins and based in New York, has commended the pivotal role played by the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) in introducing Balaramapuram handloom to the global stage.

Emphasizing the importance of showcasing our heritage and traditions in an environmentally sustainable manner, Dr. Sanjana Jon expressed her gratitude for the collaborative efforts between herself and CISSA during her visit to the handlooms in Balaramapuram last year. Through a documentary created during her visit, Dr. Sanjana Jon believes that Kerala handloom exemplifies a sustainable model in harmony with nature, which can serve as an inspiring example for the world. She further shared, “PACT & INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF JUSTICE organized a Envir8i fashion show in Malibu, California, featuring garments designed using Balaramapuram handlooms, with the aim of raising awareness about the exceptional work and talent of the weavers.”

Attending the three-day fashion event ‘Dream Fashion,here in Trivandrum Dr. Sanjana Jon is presently in attendance, alongside international models. Today’s event (29/06/23) includes a session dedicated to honoring the handloom sector, with popular actress Sunny Leone set to participate.

Under the visionary leadership of CISSA, innovative and intellectual projects are being implemented to enhance the livelihoods of individuals employed in the Balaramapuram handloom sector. Dr. C. Suresh Kumar, Secretary of CISSA, highlighted the organization’s commitment to uplifting the industry to new heights through its collaboration with Sanjana Jon.

Notably, during the Kerala Hindus of North America gathering held in Arizona last year, approximately a thousand delegates donned handloom clothing sourced from Balaramapuram under CISSA’s guidance.
Dr Sanjanaa Jon and CISSA are planning to coaboratively create customise creative  couture taking I dian handloom to the global arena

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