Makeup Tips: If you want a glowing face on Rakshabandhan, then do makeup like this

Makeup Tips: The festival of Rakshabandhan is very important and significant in Hinduism. This day is a symbol of brother-sister love. This year, this special day will be celebrated on August 30 in many places and August 31 in many other places. People start preparing for Rakshabandhan much in advance. Especially if we talk about girls and women, then they start thinking a long time in advance about how they should wear clothes and make-up on Rakshabandhan. If you do not know what kind of makeup is in trend nowadays, then we are going to tell you the right way to do makeup.

First of all, clean the face with raw milk. It is very important to clean the face before starting makeup. You can use raw milk for this. Massage the face well with raw milk and then wash the face with fresh water.

Apply gel based cream
After cleaning the face, apply gel based cream on the face properly. After this, if you start applying makeup, then the makeup will last for a long time and there will be no cracks on the makeup.

Now apply foundation
Always use foundation matching your skin tone. Dark or light shade foundation can spoil your look.

Must do contouring
Do contouring at the time of makeup. This will give the right shape to your face. This makes the face look sharp and the makeup looks lovely.

Blush and highlighter
Make sure to use blush and highlighter after makeup. Blush and highlighter work to give the final touch to the makeup.

Eye makeup and lipstick
If you are doing dark eye makeup, then apply lipstick of light color. On the other hand, if you are applying lipstick dark, then keep the eye makeup light.

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