If the face has become dull, then follow these home remedies, the skin will glow

Beauty Tips: Nowadays people are facing a lot of trouble due to the changing weather. Dengue, malaria and typhoid have created their terror at various places. Due to these fevers, the condition of the people has become very bad. Pimples have started appearing on the face of many people due to medicines, while the face of many becomes very dull. In such a situation, people start shying away from going out of the house. Due to this problem, today we are going to tell you some such home remedies, by adopting which you can get back your glowing face. You will not need to spend a lot of money to adopt these methods. Using just a few things will make your face light up.

If more pimples are coming out on your face due to taking medicines, then neem is a panacea for you. To use it, you have to grind neem leaves and mix some turmeric in it. After applying this pack on the face for some time, wash the face with plain water. You will definitely get benefit from this.

You can use tomato to get back the glow of the skin. Mash the tomato and mix some sugar or honey in it and apply it on the face. You can also scrub with this.

Along with Tulsi
Puja, you can also use Tulsi to maintain the glow of the face. You can apply crushed basil leaves on your face.

If your face has become very dull due to fever, then rub sandalwood and make a paste and apply it on the face. After drying this pack, wash the face with cold water.

Honey has many such properties, which are very beneficial for the skin. If you massage your face with one spoon of honey, then you will definitely get benefit. Using it regularly will make your face glow.

Aloe vera
Regularly using aloe vera on the face will give coolness to your face. To use it, you just have to take out the gel of aloe vera leaf and apply it on the face.

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