Prepare ghevar at home with this easy recipe

Due to the festival, different types of dishes are made in everyone’s homes. Ghevar also comes on this festival, in such a situation, we are going to tell you the recipe of making Tasty Malai Ghevar at home. Actually, the Ghevar available in the markets is very expensive. Good ghevar is also not available everywhere. In such a situation, this Hariyali Teej, you can prepare ghevar at your home.

Ingredients to make 7-8 ghevar

3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup sugar ghee 3 to 4 cups water
for frying ghevar frozen ghee 200 grams ice cubes half cup milk


To make ghevar at home, first of all take frozen ghee and a piece of ice in a big bowl. Now mix this ice cube with your hands well with the frozen ghee. Mix it until the ghee starts to look white. After this, make a syrup by mixing one cup of sugar and water in another pan. Make the syrup and keep it aside. After this, prepare a solution by mixing flour, milk and water in a bowl with ghee and fill it in a bottle.

It is very important to have a hole in the lid of the bottle. Now put ghee in a pan and heat it. After this, put the mold for making Ghevar in it. After placing the mould, pour the batter prepared for ghevar slowly into the mould. You will see for yourself how the latticed ghevar will be ready. When it becomes golden brown, take it out and keep it on a sieve, so that excess ghee can be removed from it. When it cools down, apply cream or mawa on it and serve.

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