Spain’s Princess Leonor joins the military

As soon as the princess is mentioned, the image of a beautiful girl dressed in beautiful clothes living in palaces is formed in the mind. But a princess is not just a girl dressed in beautiful clothes and living in a pomp, she also has many responsibilities. The picture of one such princess is getting viral on social media these days. Beyond people’s imagination, this princess is seen in military uniform with a rifle in her hands. The princess is being discussed all over the world.

Why is the princess of Spain in discussion

These days Princess Leonor of Spain is in headlines all over the world. Her pictures have gone viral on social media, in which she is seen wearing heavy army boots and uniform. He has a rifle in his hand. The princess is only 17 years old. Such a young princess has joined the country’s military. Many pictures of her doing military training are surprising people and also encouraging women.

Biography of Princess Leonor

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain have two daughters. His eldest daughter is Princess Leonor. He was born on 31 October 2005. She is the heiress of Spain. Currently her official title is Princess of Austria. She would become the Queen of Spain in the future.

Achievement of Princess Leonore

The day before Princess Leonor’s 10th birthday, Princess Leonor was awarded the Order of the Golden Fleece. The princess earned her bachelor’s degree from UWC Atlantic College in Glamorgan. She would be the future Queen of Spain.

Why would you get the throne of Spain?

Princess Leonor will be given the throne of Spain according to Catholic custom. In fact, according to the Constitution of Spain, the succession to the Spanish throne is under a system of male primogeniture cognate inheritance, in which, being the eldest daughter of the king, she is first in the line of succession.

Why did you join the army

According to the rules, it is mandatory for Princess Leonor to take military training in order to become the Queen of Spain. His father, King Felipe, is the supreme commander of the Spanish forces. Following her father’s footsteps, the princess has joined the General Military Academy. She will get training here for three years.

After military training, they will be commissioned as an Army Cadet Battalion. Next year, Princess Leonor will join the Navy and serve as a midshipman at the Marine Naval Military School. After that she will complete the course of Air Force and Space Army. By 2026, she will become part of the San Javier General Air Academy.

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