AAP government did nothing regarding preparations for G-20 meeting: Lieutenant Governor

New Delhi: The Delhi government did nothing regarding the G-20 meeting. Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena said this regarding the preparations for the G-20 arrangements. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of Delhi did not fulfill its responsibilities at all regarding the preparations for the G-20 summit. Due to which he had to come forward and take the reins of the work in his hands. 

According to a media report, LG Saxena told that the AAP government pulled its hands after the first joint meeting with the NG office in December 2022 on the preparations for the G-20. This forced him to take things into his own hands. There is only a week left for the leaders of countries around the world to reach New Delhi for the G-20 summit. In such a situation, Saxena, who was present on the field for the last two months to review the preparations for the two-day program on September 9-10.

LG Vinay Saxena said that I called the first meeting regarding G-20. The CM was present, the ministers were also there and we decided what to do. But after that nothing happened. It is fine. I am following the policy of Ekla Chalo, I have a vision to see Delhi as a beautiful city. It is the national capital, it should be beautiful. Saxena said that if the face of capital Delhi could be changed for the better in just two months, a lot more could have been done to improve it. Provided that the AAP government would have worked hard enough in the last 9 years. LG said that ‘Whatever time we have, I am working very hard. It is my duty. Everyone has their own working style. I am working differently, they are working differently.

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