Dealing with mental obstacles during rehabilitation was the most difficult: Rahul

Colombo: Wicketkeeper batsman KL Rahul has said that returning to the team after surgery has not been easy for him. According to Rahul, the biggest challenge for him while undergoing rehabilitation was to overcome mental obstacles. Rahul was out of the team since the injury he suffered during the Indian Premier League (IPL).

He also had to undergo rehabilitation at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru. In a video, Rahul said, ‘Sometimes you also fight a mental battle where you always think that I may be in pain and when you are in this mindset, you are not able to concentrate on the skill. He said, ‘So the biggest challenge is to overcome this fear and pain related to things.

Rahul said that wicket-keeping requires a lot of strength in the thigh and while undergoing rehabilitation, the biggest question in his mind was whether he would be fit for the role again after such a major surgery. “The big thing was to feel confident in my body and be pain-free on occasions that required a lot of force,” he said. Especially, I knew that after coming back, I would have to do wicketkeeping also.

He said, ‘When you do wicketkeeping, you have to sit crouching on every ball. So you need a lot of strength in your thigh. During this time, it is necessary that your body supports you and you remain pain free. Rahul expressed his gratitude towards the physios who guided him during the difficult times.

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