10 Oldest Baseball Teams That Still Play in the United States of America

Did you know that the basis of baseball was based on two English games? Cricket and rounders, to be specific. Today baseball is known worldwide as an American symbol, as it was fully formed in America in the middle of the 19th century. Seems not so long ago until you’re reminded we’re already in the 21st century! We rounded up for you the 10 most old baseball groups of the USA that still play today.

Minnesota Twins, founded 1901
Oakland Athletics, founded 1901
Los Angeles Dodgers, founded 1883
Philadelphia Phillies, founded 1883
San Francisco Giants, founded 1883
Cincinnati Reds, founded 1881
Pittsburgh Pirates, founded 1881
St. Louis Cardinals, founded 1882
Chicago Cubs, founded 1871
Atlanta Braves, founded 1871


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