The kernels of mango are good for health in many ways

People eat a lot of mangoes in summer, which is also good for generala health. However, eating its seeds along with mango is also beneficial. Yes, its seeds are good for your health in many ways.

Diarrhoea- By consuming mango kernels or kernels powder, you can get rid of the problems of diarrhoea. Yes and to prepare the powder, dry the mango kernels thoroughly and grind it to make a powder. After that, you can mix this powder in a glass of water and consume it with a little bit of honey. However, make sure that you do not take more than 1 gram of powder at a time.

Blood circulation- Mango kernels promote blood circulation and help in lowering cholesterol levels. In fact, the consumption of mango kernels powder helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level and also controls the blood sugar level.

Blood pressure- Consumption of mango kernels is good to reduce the risk of heart diseases. In fact, it keeps your blood pressure under control and eating mango kernel powder has many health benefits to the body. Yes and you should consume the powder in very small quantities (1 gram) to keep yourself healthy.

Acidity- If you are troubled by this problem then the powder of mango kernels proves to be beneficial. Yes, mango kernels are loaded with phenols and phenolic compounds, which aid in digestion.

Scurvy – Rich in vitamin C, mango kernel powder works like a magical remedy for scurvy patients. Yes and all you have to do for this is to mix two parts of jaggery and lime in one part of the mango kernel powder and consume it.

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