Global Indian Council (GIC) Celebrates Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

“It is absolutely the need of the hour to unite the Indian diaspora in various countries, so I extend all my heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to the organizers of this great Global Indian Council. While we are celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, we are looking back to the progress and development of our country. All the Indians around the world are united to celebrate this auspicious and unique occasion after independence.” Mr. N K Premachandran, Hon M P said on inaugurating the GIC Independence Day celebration on Aug 20, 2022 on a globally streamed zoom platform attended by many dignitaries and GIC members across the world.

“The democratic system prevailing in our country, it is nothing but the democratic strength of the country that is the major core force by which India can move forward. India a pluralistic society with various culture, religion, language and so many differences and diversities . But we are united in utter national spirit under our country’s democratic and secular fabric. India is the biggest democratic country in the world.The transformation of power, even during political uncertainties and instability, was done through a purely democratic manner in our country; that is the strength of Indian democracy.”- he added during his inaugural address.

Global Indian Council (GIC) celebrated the 75th India Independence Day, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, with patriotic fervor and featured prominent guests from different countries in the evening on August 20th, 2022. The celebration commenced with the “Har Ghar Tiranga” video and National Anthem, sung by the whole participants, followed by silent prayer.Visas Pawar and Syrah Nagraj from Australia presented a patriotic song on flute and violin fusion.

Hon M P. Premachandran

GIC Global General Secretary Sudhir Nambiar from New Jersey USA welcomed all the distinguished guests and speakers with greetings for the 75th Indian Independence Day celebration.

Global President of GIC, P C Mathew summarized the vision and mission of the great organization, that was inaugurated on July 30th and exalted the need for a non partisan organization like GIC that can reach any country with its global network for immediate assistance. He urged the audience to build GIC as a formidable worldwide platform, establishing national, regional, and local chapters.

The keynote address by Sandeep Sreevastava, GIC Brand Ambassador, conveyed the greetings for Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav and narrated his attempt to reach Capitol through his upcoming election campaign. Indians are actively interested and involved in local and National political arena in many countries, which shows their support for better administration. GIC connecting all Indian across the world is remarkable”- he added.

The natural charm of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav enticed the audience through the beautifully choreographed dance by Tanima Banerji from Australia. This was followed by a patriotic song by Sonia Sabu from Dallas.

Prof. Joy Pallattumadom, Vice President of GIC introduced the renowned Journalist, President of Global Malayali Press Club and New Delhi bureau chief of Deepika newspaper, Mr.George Kallivayalil and invited him for addressing the gathering and for releasing the first edition of GIC News, LOKA BHARATH DHWANI.

Keynote speech Mr. George Kallivayalil

George Kallivayalil congratulated President P C Mathew and the founder members for bringing together so many Indians under the GIC, and he expressed his pride to be a part of this organization.

During his speech, he said “ Freedom of the mind is the real freedom. Our forefathers fraught in many ways to get us freedom. India is marching towards to become a global super power. By the time we celibate 100th year we will be part of the super power.

Even though we have more diversity we are one as an Indian. Congratulate the Global Indian Council, and this organization can contribute more to India through the network Indian diaspora across the world is impacting other nations with its expertise in IT, medicine and health services, science, and digital progress; an organization like GIC will coordinate and support the Indian communities for the betterment of the whole world”.

Later Dr. Mathew Joys, Global Chairperson of GIC’s Media and Publicity, introduced the newly constituted Committee for the Media Center of Excellence.

The Committee included P.C. Mathew (Global President), Prof. Joy Pallattumadom, (Global Vice President), Sudhir Nambiar ( Global General Secretary), Dr. Jija Madhavan Harisingh (Advisor) as common delegates for all the Centers of Excellence. Media and Publicity Committee is formed with Dr. Mathew Joys (Global Chair), Parveen Chopra (Vice Chair) and Adv. Seema Balasubramanian ( Secretary) and its Editorial Team comprised George Kallivayalil, Prof. Darsana Manayathu, Prof. K. P. Mathew, Dr. Joseph Chalil, Anil Augustine, and Tampanoor Mohan.

George Kallivayalil released the inaugural edition of GIC News Loka Bharath Dhwani. He appraised the layout and contents of the first edition and congratulated the team behind the endeavor. He urged to release the future editions with news and articles from a global perspective, and he assured all his support to make it vibrant.

Song by Deepa Jaison and Dance by Narthana Dance team Dallas, enthralled the audience with the theme of Independence Day Celebration.

Felicitations were presented by Tom George Kolath, Kunju C Nair, Santy Mathew and Narayan Janga appreciating the vision, mission and the growth of the organization.

The Emcee to the event was Adv. Seema Balasubramanian from Australia. She coordinated the program and introduced each dignitary. Tom George Kolath, GIC Global Associate Treasurer appraised the efforts of the founding members and proposed vote of thanks to all the participants.

Dr. Mathew Joys
Global Chair, GIC MEDIA

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