Pani Puri gets international recognition from MasterChef Australia 2023

Mumbai: India’s street dish pani puri has achieved international recognition. In fact, it was captured in the MasterChef Australia 2023 competition where Indian-origin chef Adi Navgi made headlines by presenting the Indian street favorite Pani Puri with a Mexican twist in the Surprise Mystery Box Challenge. Indian-origin chef Adi Navgi, a 31-year-old contestant who is part of MasterChef Australia 2023, surprised the judges by making pani puri in the surprise mystery box challenge. On this achievement, the contestant said that I gave a Mexican twist to pani puri by making it with avocado and salmon roe. She said that I wanted to do something that the judge would say oh, I did not expect this. Adi Navgi said that nothing beats the taste of crispy spicy pani puri. It is one of the best Indian street food. 

She told that this dish became an instant hit among the judges on seeing it. Navgi mesmerized the judges with her impressive fusion dish. Having traveled to more than 55 countries, Melbourne’s Navgi is inspired by flavors from around the world, though she also holds a special place in her heart for her native Indian cuisine. Being a doctor by profession, her research in general medicine and endocrinology fueled her passion for food. MasterChef Australia airs on Disney Hotstar in India.

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