Idgah committee’s order issued; action will be taken if Namaz is offered on the streets

Hapur: On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the Idgah Committee has warned not to offer Eid prayers on the streets. The committee said that if anyone does this, action will be taken against them. 

Significantly, on June 29, Eid-ul-Azha (Bakrid) will be celebrated in the country. But before this, posters have been pasted on Muslim areas and mosques in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh. In these posters, an appeal has been made by the Idgah Committee to the people of the Muslim community not to offer Eid prayers on the road. Apart from this, other guidelines have also been given through these posters and banners. Dr. Nizamuddin, secretary of the Hapur Idgah Committee, said that a guideline has been issued by the Uttar Pradesh government that Eid prayers will not be offered on the road. Following this, guidelines have been issued to all Muslim worshipers to offer Eid prayers in mosques only. Eid prayers will be held inside the Eidgah at 7.15 pm. Apart from this, the big mosques of the city, In which Friday prayers are held. Arrangements have been made to offer Eid prayers there too. 

Dr. Nizamuddin has said that despite the orders of the government, if someone offers Eid Namaz on the road, action will be taken against them by the police-administration, whose responsibility will be their own. It is noteworthy that the Yogi Government of Uttar Pradesh has issued guidelines for not offering Namaz on the road. Regarding which the administration of Hapur district is very cautious. An appeal is being made by the police-administrative officers not to offer Namaz on the road by holding a peace committee meeting with the people of the Muslim community. The effect of which has been seen in Hapur. Due to this, the Idgah Committee has put up banners, posters in Muslim areas and mosques and appeals are being made to offer Eid prayers in mosques other than Idgah. 

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