IFFCO will buy 2500 drones

New Delhi: National Fertilizer Company IFFCO will buy 2500 agriculture drones and hand them over to 5000 selected entrepreneurs in rural areas. Drones will be used for spraying chemicals and fertilizers. Under the national campaign to promote nano fertilizers across the country, IFFCO will buy drones and give them to entrepreneurs.

IFFCO has entrusted the responsibility of technical capability, production capacity, manufacturing process, quality work, training, curriculum and infrastructure to Drone Federation of India. After testing the characteristics of the drone, Nano Fertilizer Drones will come in handy for spraying. IFFCO will bear the entire cost of this. Drones will be handed over to the selected drone flying trainees. Nano urea will be sprayed in an area of ​​3 acres at a time. After that it will take half an hour to charge the battery. The drones will be able to fly for only 18 to 22 minutes. A drone will be able to spray water soluble nano fertilizer and nano DAP in about 20 acres of land daily. After the success of this project, this action plan will be increased with more speed.

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