Goddess of fortune blessed Sachin and Seema; Both got Rs 1 lakh a month job

New Delhi: The love story of Seema Haider, who came from Pakistan with four children, and Sachin Meena is now going to become a source of income as well. Both have been offered a job by a businessman at a salary of Rs 1 lakh, while they have also received an offer to give an advance check to work in a movie. Not only this, his Instagram and Facebook followers have also increased. And now there is going to be income from here also.

Significantly, the love of Seema and Sachin has now become a topic of discussion, whose new interview is going viral every day. In such a situation, both of them got many lotteries in hand. According to the information received, a businessman from Gujarat offered a job. In which both will be given a salary of fifty thousand rupees a month. Hearing this news, Seema-Sachin’s family, which is facing financial crisis, is happy. It is being told that the Gujarati businessman has decided to help them by showing generosity. He has offered a job to both of them at 50-50 thousand rupees per month. Apart from this, a movie director Amit Jani has also offered him to work in his film. Not only this, he is also ready to give them a check in advance before work. Seema and Sachin’s love story has now become so famous that the subscribers of their Instagram and YouTube channels are also increasing. have increased in number. So that they can earn from there also.

Seema had recently said in an interview that earlier I had kept my Instagram account private. But when I came to know that people are earning money by sharing our videos, then I made my Instagram account public. So that we can also earn money and this will also help Sachin’s family financially. Sachin-Seema are forced to leave their house and live in another house in Rabupura. Due to the police case, his family cannot move out of the house at the moment. They will have to stay at home till this case continues. Earlier, Sachin’s father Netrapal Meena told through video that the entire family is staying at home due to the police case. We are daily wage earners but since the police asked us not to go out of the house, they are not able to earn anything. Have become hungry for food and drink. There is no ration left in the house either.

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