Kritika Dev, who plays Ganesha in ‘Tali’ web series, made an interesting disclosure

Actress Sushmita Sen is in discussion about her upcoming web series ‘Tali’. In the series, the actress is seen in the role of transgender activist Mr. Gauri Sawant. The series of the actress has been released and it is getting a very good response from the audience. Now recently, Kritika Dev, who plays Ganesha in the ‘Tali’ web series, narrated the incident of the shoot when a man gave her 10 rupees thinking her to be a beggar.

Kritika Dev told the experience of working in Tali

Recently, in an interview Kritika who played the role of Ganesha in Taali web series revealed her experience of working in web series and told which was the most difficult scene for her in the entire web series. The actress said, ‘We shot at real locations with hidden cameras. It was a gorilla shoot of sorts. I was standing alone on the road. As soon as the traffic signal turned red, I would reach the road to beg. A man gave me 10 rupees and blessed me.

The audience really understood the beggar

Kritika further said in the interview, even today remembering that incident gives me goosebumps. That person really thought that I was begging and that I was a beggar. However, I didn’t mind all these things because it was a kind of complement to my acting, but the feeling was very strange. After this, my DOP Raghav sir said that I should get that 10 rupee note framed and keep it. I haven’t got it framed yet, but I still have the note. Further, I realized that there are many Gauri Sawant and her ilk, who have to go through this situation even today.

Kritika has appeared in these films

Let us tell you that Kritika has worked in many films including ‘Panipat’ and ‘Bucket List’ before Tali. His role in the film has been highly appreciated.

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