At what time this rice scrub should be used for natural glow

Like the whole body, it is our responsibility to keep the skin healthy as well. Girls also adopt different types of beauty products and home remedies to bring glow on the face. To keep the skin healthy, step by step care has to be taken. Means facials, scrubbing, toning etc. Doing all this is very important for your skin. But many times people follow these rules, but somewhere they make some mistakes, due to which they do not get good results.

Scrubbing is most important to make the skin glowing. Yes, scrubbing brings a natural glow to the face. Of course, for this you must be using market or some domestic scrubs. One of these is a scrub made of rice. It is believed that by scrubbing with rice flour, the condition of the face is very good. So do you also use rice flour for scrub? Before this, know in this article that scrubbing mixed with rice flour can give more benefits. Also know the right time and way to scrub.

The right time and way to scrub

If you are doing face scrub while following the skin routine, then take care of the timings. Whenever you scrub, morning time will be the best. Because after waking up in the morning, the pores of the skin are open. Also, the right way to scrub is that you should not scrub for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid scrubbing if you already have pimples on your face. According to skin experts, scrubbing is not so necessary even for oily skin. In this case, do facial cleansing.
Scrub by mixing these things with rice-

1. Rice Flour and Aloe Vera 

For this, take 3 spoons of rice flour in a bowl and add aloe vera gel to it. If you want, you can also add a little rose water to it. After this, massage it well by applying it on the face or body. In this way, your skin will become clean in some time.

2. Rice flour and milk 

To make this scrub, take 3 spoons of rice flour in a bowl. Then add some milk to it. After this scrub on the face. Massage in circular motion on the skin. This scrub will give you clean skin. Along with this, natural glow will come on the face.

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