Russia praises India for not Ukrainianizing G20 agenda

New Delhi: Russia has praised India for not having Ukrainianization on the agenda during the G-20 meeting. It is noteworthy that the success of the G-20 summit held in India is being praised all over the world. In this series, Russia has also patted the back of India and Modi government.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Western powers failed to Ukrainize the G-20 agenda. There were efforts by the group’s member states from the Global South to condemn Moscow for its war against Ukraine. But this could not happen. The Russian Foreign Minister described the G20 summit chaired by India as a success in many ways. Because its results showed the world the way to move forward on many challenges. Referring to the announcement of the G20 New Delhi leaders, he said, we did not expect that the issue of Ukraine would not be raised in the G20 summit. Although we were ready to defend ourselves.

At a press briefing, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said India has played an important role in preventing the West from putting forward its vision on a number of issues, including Ukraine, at the G-20 summit. He said G20 members from the Global South blocked the West’s efforts to Ukrainize the summit agenda. Praising India’s leadership of the grouping, he said the summit was an important event. Because it gave clear guidelines to achieve such goals. In his remarks, the Russian Foreign Minister said that the cohesive position of the Global South prevented the West from focusing the G20 summit agenda on Ukraine.

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