2,012 dead so far in Morocco earthquake

Rabat/Marrakesh: So far 2,012 people have died in the earthquake that occurred in Morocco late Friday night. More than 2,059 people have been injured. Of these, the condition of 1404 is critical. 3 days of national mourning has been declared. Orders have been given to provide food, shelter and other help to the victims.

According to the Moroccan Geological Centre, the earthquake’s magnitude was 7.2. However, the US Geological Survey has put its intensity at 6.8. Also said that this is the most powerful earthquake to hit this area in 120 years. According to the United Nations, 3 lakh people have been affected by the earthquake. Moroccan state television reported that many buildings had collapsed due to the earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake was reported to be the village of Ighil near the Atlas Mountains, which is 70 kilometers from the city of Marrakesh. The depth of the earthquake was 18.5 kilometers below the ground. Earthquake tremors were felt as far as Portugal and Algeria.

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