GOPIO-CT Health Session panelists and organizers

Mental health, in status quo Indian culture, is replete with negative stereotypes that easily diminishes one’s understanding of their wellbeing. Last month, Global Organization People of Indian Origin – Connecticut Chapter (GOPIO-CT) organized a Zoom session on Behavioral Health, Stigma, Wellness, and Prevention. Panelist included Dr. Mohini Ranganathan, Yale University School of Medicine Staff Psychiatrist; Mini Santosh, Masters in Education and Child Study Early Childhood Director; Dr. Jaya Daptardar, Ayurvedic Doctor Chief Compliance Officer Bridges Healthcare; and Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council members, Meher Jain, Stamford High School Activist (sophomore); Roshan Jagannathan, Academy of Information Technology and Engineering Activist (senior); and Roshith Jagannathan, Academy of Information Technology and Engineering Activist (senior).

During the virtual meeting, guests discussed the prevalence of stigma in everyday households in order to eliminate misinformation and highlight what every child wants—compassion and an nonjudgemental listener during his or her struggles. Each presenter spoke about their expertise and knowledge surrounding mental health.  The panelists said that they had realized that having  free space to discuss setbacks, and recommendations to better understand the topics of wellness and prevention was done solely by seeking vulnerability. In addition to Mrs. Sanotsh and Dr. Daptardar, Dr. Ranganathan noted that “we have to remove the labels that are instilled in the Indian culture to seek the light that is found through communication.”

By inviting high school activists from the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council, GOPIO-CT was able to better understand their objectives and opinions behind mental health. Their presentation,  highlighted the problems of burdening one’s pain and the necessity to voice one’s thoughts.

The program was put together by GOPIO-CT President Dr. Daptardar with support from Board Members Anita Mathur and Ashvini Persaud, GOPIO Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham complimented GOPIO-CT as most active chapter of GOPIO International.

Over the last 17 years, GOPIO-CT, a chapter of GOPIO International has become an active and dynamic organization hosting interactive sessions with policy makers and academicians, community events, youth mentoring and networking workshops, and working with other area organizations to help create a better future. GOPIO-CT – Global Organization of People of Indian Origin – serves as a non-partisan, secular, civic and community service organization – promoting awareness of Indian culture, customs and contributions of PIOs through community programs, forums, events and youth activities. It seeks to strengthen partnerships and create an ongoing dialogue with local communities.


For more information or to join as a member, please contact Sushanth Krishnamurthy, Secretary GOPIO-CT, Tel: 203-829-8412,


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