UST Achieves Impressive Agility Rating and Earns Coveted Certified Agile Organization™ Status

Thiruvananthapuram:  UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has today announced it has achieved an impressive agility rating from the prestigious Business Agility Institute (BAI). UST was awarded the status of Certified Agile Organization™, positioning itself among the top-performing professional services organizations to receive this esteemed recognition.

BAI’s rigorous evaluation process considers a wide range of factors including agile mindset and culture, autonomy and ownership, diversity, equity and inclusion, psychological safety, professional development, global vision, client-focused services and business operations and quality. UST’s success can be attributed to its:

  1. Dedication to agility at all levels, from top management to frontline employees.
  2. Agility in adapting to unique client needs and evolving market demands by delivering client-focused services.
  3. Active encouragement and support for innovation and continuous improvement initiatives.
  4. Corporate agility teams and the role they have played in driving innovation, managing risks, and streamlining operations to achieve higher agility.
  5. Company’s clear vision and mission, aligned with embracing agility as a strategic approach.

With this recognition from BAI, UST will bolster its reputation as a leading global digital transformation solutions provider, positioning the company as an innovative and agile player in the consulting market. The certification will also make UST an attractive destination for top talent seeking to work in a dynamic and agile environment, as well as providing a competitive edge over other consulting firms thanks to the company’s ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results.

“I commend UST on its progress in attaining a remarkable level of corporate agility. It is important to embrace agility in an unpredictable market, and UST has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to innovation and client-focused services,” said Evan Leybournco-founder, BAI.

“UST continues to uphold an unwavering commitment to enhancing agility to facilitate global operations and provide unparalleled service to its customers globally. The organization places a great emphasis on continuous improvement, servant leadership, and business agility models in guiding its journey toward enterprise agility. We have had remarkable success with our business agility teams, who through their dedication, have skillfully managed risks and driven innovation, ensuring comprehensive development for sustained excellence,” said Omar VelascoVP of Business Agility, UST.

UST’s professionalism and agility enabled it to respond promptly to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, underlining its ability to thrive in dynamic environments. The organization’s ability to maintain seamless global operations and deliver top-notch services during testing times testifies to its resilience and adaptability.

The Certified Agile Organization status aligns with UST’s vision of becoming a transformative force in the global digital landscape, empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving world. With this certification, UST is better equipped to lead its clients in over 30 countries through digital disruption and create a boundless impact in the lives of billions.

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