Class 11 student dies after being injected with pain killer and antibiotic in Indore

Indore: A Class 11 student who was admitted for ear operation in Indore died. After the operation, the nurse gave him an injection of antibiotic and pain killer. Soon after this, his health started deteriorating and he died within a short time. The case pertains to MY Hospital in Indore. The relatives of the patient have accused the doctors of negligence. The family protested fiercely in the hospital premises after the death of the teenager.

The family told that Prem Kashyap (16) father Mukesh Kashyap used to study in class 11th. He was admitted to MY Hospital on August 18 due to pimples in the ear. He was fine after the operation on Thursday and was also talking. As soon as the nurse injected, the child’s condition started deteriorating. 10 minutes after the injection, one side of the child stopped working. After this, when I told the doctors, they did not say anything.

The relatives told that the nurses and doctors were worried when the health of the child deteriorated. The nurse was talking to some doctors present on the spot. During this, everyone was looking very nervous. No one was ready to tell anything when asked about the child. Everyone was claiming to get well soon, but the child had already died. After this, the family kept waiting for a long time to meet the leading doctors of MY, but could not meet anyone. The relatives took the dead body to Aurobindo Hospital for post-mortem after establishing a marg at the hospital post.

Dr. Yamini Gupta, Head of the Nose Ear Throat Department, said that the operation was successful and there was no negligence in it. This is a rare occurrence. The exact cause of death will be known only after the post-mortem.

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