Arenq Unveils Revolutionary Wall-Mounted Solar Inverter with Inbuilt Lithium Battery

Arenq, a pioneering name in solar battery manufacturing, has introduced a cutting-edge wall-mounted inverter with an integrated lithium battery, marking a significant advancement in power solutions. The inbuilt lithium battery is capable of being charged with both solar and grid electricity, offering users unparalleled flexibility and reliability. The highlight of this innovative inverter is its 100% maintenance-free design, ensuring hassle-free operation for users. Additionally, the inverter features a user-friendly digital display monitor that provides real-time information on battery backup and capacity. This data can also be conveniently monitored through a user-friendly Android app.

Arenq’s dedication to technological excellence is showcased by the release of two power models, namely 850VA and 1200VA. The 850VA model weighs 28kg, while the 1200VA model weighs 35kg, catering to various power requirements with efficiency and ease.

Aiming to expand its reach and provide top-notch services, Arenq is actively seeking distributors in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This strategic move is set to accelerate the adoption of their ground-breaking solar inverters throughout the region.

Notably, Arenq has partnered with Kerala Automobiles Limited, a prominent public sector vehicle manufacturing company of the Government of Kerala, in the thriving field of electric auto manufacturing. With this remarkable unveiling, Arenq continues to drive innovation and enhance the way we harness and utilize solar energy, positioning themselves as a key player in the renewable energy sector.

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